2016 Intergalactic Regatta is ‘in the books’!

Weather was a bit cooler than ideal but not bad – breeze was a bit lighter than ideal but not as bad as it was one year. Sailing conditions were dominant. Sunny skies for the most part and the best part was seeing all those folks AGAIN ! ! It was a darn nice weekend for WrinkleBoat Fleet action. The weather wasn’t perfect, but the company sure was!!

Thanks to Paul Bear/Stan Susman, Phil McCowin, Tyler & Sam Backman, David & Michelle Grah, Jerry Montgomery, Ron McNeil/Michael Mann, Sal & Gail Glesser, Eldor & Dorothy Eisen, Dave Scobie and the guys at Sage Marine for the trophies, Spyderco, and to Beth Cindy – who didn’t get to see me for 5 days while I played and she babysat Ben at home alone! Thanks to my crew, Saturday- Craig ‘we got it’ Painter, & on Sunday,- Gail Glesser – you two rocked!

New participants, some with new boats, ‘new to them’ boats – and the ‘Base’ of WrinkleBoat Racers!………….Brother! – what a Fleet! And the racing is getting BETTER each time – closer scores and podium finishes spread throughout the fleet ! ! (only 2 TLE’s this year!)

Results here –



I am working on getting the times for finishes from the R/C as WICR monitors them for rating adjustments – will update those when/if I can secure them.

Participants – Please send your photos to Dave Scobie or GaryO.- we will post event pictures at http://www.wrinkleboat.webs.com as they come in (we missed DaveS’s photo skills).

Thanks to ALL who participated, AzYC and their volunteers, our Race Officers- Dave and Wendy -, and our crew!

Have Fun, Go Sail!



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