The official registration page is now live!

If you have been thinking about attending it is now time to officially sign up!  Visit the Arizona Yacht Club’s (AzYC) official sign-up page

Register under the Wrinkleboat Invitational fleet.

Sign up for ‘3 day Regatta’.  This registration includes entry into Pleasant Harbor (ie, parking) Thursday evening through Sunday evening AND lunch on Saturday.

You will be asked for your boat’s Portsmouth rating.  Here are the most common –

  • Montgomery 15 = 108.2
  • Montgomery 17 = 104
  • M-17 tall rig = 100.7
  • Sage 15/SageCat = 106
  • Sage 17 = 100.7

Your boat not listed?  No problem!  You will be contacted by Gary Oberbeck to assign a rating after you let us know you have registered using the CONTACT form.

After you have signed up please send us a note using the CONTACT form.  Let us know your name, the date you will arrive and your boat’s type and name.  Also, after officially registering with the AzYC, order your lunch from Portillo’s (included in registration fee).


Be sure to read the official race details –

DON’T PANIC if all these racing details don’t make sense.  The Wrinkleboat fleet doesn’t require you to know all the specifics of fleet racing and we will cover our fleet rules and ‘how to start’ information during Friday evening’s dinner at the Wild Horse.


Dave Scobie will by camping at the lake and all folks are invited to park their boat and trailer near him.  You are also invited to camp in this location if you have an RV or high-wind-able tent.  Usually the Wrinkleboat compound is near the Shuttle Stop near the ‘Hospitality Tent’ noted on the map linked below –

CLICK HERE to download a PFD map of the Lake Pleasant Venue

Here is a picture of Dave’s camper & truck so you can find him when you arrive –

This picture was not taken at Lake Pleasant, AZ (ie … there are trees not cactus!)

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