Some information about the 2017 AzYC Leukemia Cup & Birthday Regatta

Below is the text from a recent email from the Arizona Yacht Club (AzYC) about the 2017 Leukemia Cup & Birthday Regatta that hosts the Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan –

New date, new race courses, and new events, but the same fun and hospitality in the most beautiful setting for Winter sailing in the desert—Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

The Arizona Yacht Club’s “First in the Nation” Leukemia Cup and Birthday Regatta will be held on President’s Day Weekend, Friday to Sunday, February 17-19, 2017. The new date will eliminate conflicts with multiple other events that take place on Martin Luther King Weekend in January, while increasing the likelihood of warmer weather and better breezes.

And what about the fun and hospitality? Don’t take my word for it. Sailing World describes the regatta as taking place at a “sacred Sonoran Desert outpost” with the “allure of Lake Pleasant and the surrounding Sonoran Desert.” There will of course be food and parties at Spinnaker Point when we get off the water.

We are proud that for the past 16 years, AYC has hosted the first calendar year Leukemia Cup Regatta in the United States. The regatta also is an opportunity to celebrate the club’s founding in 1958. That means you’re signing up for a 3-day birthday party. Can’t make all 3 days? No worries.


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