Please register for the 2018 Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan by Tuesday 6 February 2018.  For instructions and links to register –>CLICK HERE<–

For the current list showing whom has signed up see the ‘WHO’s ATTENDING’ page.

Questions?  Send a note using the CONTACT page.

See ya’ at sunny Lake Pleasant Arizona 16-18 February 2018!


We need a 15′ fleet and 17′ fleet

For Wrinkleboat the 15s and 17s race together are scored in individual fleets and in the combined 15 & 17 championship. What does this mean? There are trophies for the 15s and the 17s that are scored independently of each other.  Then, the entire Wrinkleboat fleet is scored together to choose the overall champion – meaning the best sailed boat, 15 or 17, will win the Intergalactic Champion Trophy!


Now one issue that has come up in the past is one of the really fast boats finishes a race so quickly that the others are listed by the race committee as ‘Time Limit Expired*’.  There are a couple of things we, as the Wrinkleboat Fleet, can do to avoid this happening –

  • First is if we get five or more 15s and five or more 17s to sign up meaning ‘size’ will have their own race class and therefore their own fleet.
  • Second is we work with the Arizona Yacht Club (AzYC) Race Committee to institute the ‘2nd finisher rule’.  What is this?  Well, we ask that the AzYC start the ‘TLE’ clock after the second boat in the Wrinkleboat fleet finishes a race.


Now, to be honest, the first item above is the better so … 15 sailors sign up and enjoy sailing on wonderful Lake Pleasant, AZ!


* Time Limit Expired (TLE) is a method of keeping the racing start sequence running in a timely manner. It consists of an arbitrary time limit (TL) set by the Race Committee (R/C), 20 minutes is what has been done in the past, that cuts off finish time for an individual fleet based on the finish time of the first boat (typically). ONLY boats that finish within the TL are noted as finished; all others finishing after the TL are assigned a “TLE” 

The official 2018 registration page is now live!

If you have been thinking about attending it is now time to officially sign up!  Visit the Arizona Yacht Club’s (AzYC) official sign-up page

Register under the Wrinkleboat Invitational fleet.

Sign up for the Saturday-Sunday Entry.

Saturday dinner will be with Arizona Yacht Club.  Sign yourself & your crew up for the meal when you register.

You will be asked for your boat’s Portsmouth rating.  Here are the most common –

  • Montgomery 15 = 108.2
  • Montgomery 17 = 104
  • M-17 tall rig = 100.7
  • Sage 15/SageCat = 106
  • Sage 17 = 100.7

Your boat not listed?  No problem!  You will be contacted by Gary Oberbeck to assign a rating after you let us know you have registered using the CONTACT form.

After you have signed up please send us a note using the CONTACT form.  Let us know your name, the date you will arrive and your boat’s type and name.

Be sure to read the official race details under ‘Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup’ –

DON’T PANIC if all these racing details don’t make sense.  The Wrinkleboat fleet doesn’t require you to know all the specifics of fleet racing and we will cover our fleet rules and ‘how to start’ information during Friday evening’s dinner at the Wild Horse.


Dave Scobie will by camping at the lake and all folks are invited to park their boat and trailer near him.  You are also invited to camp in this location if you have an RV or high-wind-able tent.  Usually the Wrinkleboat compound is west of the Lake Pleasant Fire Station (across the road in the big parking lot); or stated in another way NE of the Regatta HQ just east of the big green grass area noted on the map linked below –

CLICK HERE to download a PFD map of the Lake Pleasant Venue

Here is a picture of Dave’s camper & truck so you can find him when you arrive –

This picture was not taken at Lake Pleasant, AZ (ie … there are trees not cactus!) and the truck is now GRAY (still a Tundra).